McConnell: the Senate will return to work on May

The Senate majority leader assured that lawmakers would step up efforts to combat the crisis.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell on Monday confirmed that the Senate would return to work on May 4 and assured that measures would be taken to ensure safe operation in the face of a pandemic. “We will fulfill our constitutional duty to the American people and conduct important business personally. If doctors, nurses, paramedics, truck drivers, grocery store employees, and many other brave Americans need to be on the job, then the Senate needs to be on the job supporting them,” McConnell said.

“The Senate should focus on concrete measures to step up our response to this complex crisis,” he added. “We cannot be distracted by pre-existing partisan wishes or by resolving the many problems caused by irresponsible decisions of previous decades and unrelated to COVID – 19.”

According to McConnell, one of the most urgent issues is to protect health workers and companies that continue to work in the context of the pandemic from possible lawsuits.

McConnell assured that Republicans would push for reforms aimed at maintaining stability and growth because the American people need “reasonable measures” that will lead the country to recovery.

“Because of this crisis, all segments of our society are in desperate need of stability, clarity, and certainty. The Senate has already started to act, but the work is not finished yet,” he said.

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