Mayweather will finance George Floyd’s funeral

American boxer Floyd Mayweather offered to pay for the funeral of George Floyd, who died after being detained in the United States. This is reported by TMZ.

According to the source, Anzel Jennings, the general manager of the TMT Music label, owned by the boxer, was familiar with Floyd from childhood. It is specified that the family of the deceased has already agreed to accept Mayweather’s help. According to the boxer, he does “what his heart tells him.”

A black man was arrested on May 25 near a grocery store. He allegedly paid with a fake check. Law enforcement officers pulled him out of the car and laid him on the asphalt, one of them roughly pressed the detainee with his knee, and he, not resisting, began to complain that he had nothing to breathe. Soon the arrested died from strangulation. Four police officers were fired after the incident; one of them was arrested.

Mass protests, accompanied by riots with clashes with police, have been ongoing in Minneapolis, Minnesota since May 26. They grew into riots with pogroms, robberies, shooting and arson. To strengthen order protection, units of the National Guard and armored vehicles have already been introduced into the city, and curfews are in effect.

Mayweather is an undefeated boxer. He has 50 victories in professional boxing. The last time he entered the ring in August 2017. Then he defeated the Irish Conor McGregor by technical knockout.

Author: Steve Cowan
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