May Whitman talks about her friendship with George Clooney

In a new interview with People magazine, Mae Whitman spoke about her touching friendship with George Clooney. At the age of seven, the actress played the hero Clooney’s daughter in the 1996 film One Fine Day.

“These shootings have become the most important part of my life. Especially working with George. He and I became very close. I have a real spiritual connection with him. Everything went so easily, and naturally, we have the same sense of humour. He took me under his wing, took me with him on trips. I came to visit him, and his pig Max chased me around the yard, ” said 32-year-old May.

Whitman says that Clooney supported her in everyday life while she was a schoolgirl and fundraising for the school. “Remember, we were asked to sell wrapping paper, and everyone was competing to see who would sell the most? I remember George was waiting for the very last day of sales and asked, “Well, how much have you got already?” And then he quadrupled my amount. I came to class and was like, “George Clooney needs 10,000 reams of paper.” Such pleasant memories. I felt tremendous support and love, ” May said.

With age, Whitman began to see Clooney less often, but, according to her, the connection with the actor remains. “The last time I saw him was when I went to the movies with my ex. I saw George and was like, “Oh my God! George! “And he immediately rushed past me, grabbing my boyfriend, and said to him:” If you ever hurt her, I will hunt you down. ” It seems to me that we will always be connected with him, ” concluded May.

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