Matthew McConaughey answered whether he was ready to go into politics

In 2022, elections are scheduled for the post of governor of the American state of Texas, where the famous actor Matthew McConaughey now lives with his family. In an interview with WBRS on The Late Show, Hugh Hewitt wondered how firm Matthew was to get into politics after his acting career. The question to the celebrity has been heard more than once, which is explained by Matthew himself as follows: “I did not say an unambiguous ‘No'”. The actor did consider this possibility, but not currently: “I have no plans to do this right now … not right now,” he shared.

According to McConaughey, politics today is a broken business and a hopeless business, which means that it must reconsider its goals. “Social contracts have been lost in society: people stopped trusting each other, which led to a loss of confidence in themselves,” the actor says. However, he does not rule out that in the future he may take leadership positions and provide assistance to the community: “As I move in life, will I consider leadership roles in which I can be most useful? I would love to do it! I do it anyway. “ The actor also added that the decision remains with the residents of the state and does not depend on himself.

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