Matthew McConaughey admitted that he almost quit his career

In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Matthew McConaughey spoke about the period in his life when he decided to leave romantic comedies and get more dramatic roles. At that time, Matthew even thought about completely giving up acting.

I hesitated and started thinking about other careers. I thought not to come back, – said the actor and added that he could try himself as a football coach at school, head of a symphony orchestra, a wildlife guide, or school teacher.

In his autobiography Greenlights, McConaughey also touches on this point. He noted that he was tired of being branded as a rom-com actor and told his agent that he would no longer agree to such roles. After the refusal, there was a lull, during which Matthew, as he writes, worried that this was the end of his career. Fortunately, the actor waited for new proposals. The main role earned him an Oscar in 2014.

As a result, the actor, according to him, completely changed his attitude towards acting and continued to play.

I began to understand that the more difficult it becomes for me, the greater my reward will be at the end, – said Matthew.

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