Marvel fan hatred of Brie Larson influences Captain Marvel II

Brie Larson is no longer Captain Marvel II’s first violin. After scandals and harsh statements from the actress, the Marvel team decided to include several more superheroes in the new film, according to Giant Freakin Robot.

According to insiders, the title of the sequel has undergone a change. Instead of Captain Marvel 2, there will now be a team movie called The Marvels. This decision is due to the fact that the bosses of the studio no longer trust Brie Larson and believe that Carol Danvers alone will not “pull” the film.

To arouse more interest among viewers, not only Monica Rambo (as hinted at by the Wanda / Vision series) and the Muslim superhero Ms. Marvel, but also Blue Marvel, a superhero named Adam Brasher, will come to the aid of Captain Marvel, not previously represented in the MCU.

Recall that Larson has repeatedly provoked the anger of Marvel fans with imprudent statements.

“It’s obvious, I think I’m the strongest, just because I am. It’s just a fact, I didn’t come up with it, ”Larson said after the premiere.

The actress will probably have to reconsider her views after filming the sequel. After all, Zavi Ashton, whom viewers remember from the art-house project “Velvet Chainsaw”, was appointed to resist the forces of good. Captain Marvel 2 will be directed by Nia Dacosta.

The film should be released in 2022.

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