Marvel Black Widow director hints that Florence Pugh might replace Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow director Kate Shortland hinted that another character might take the place of the Scarlett Johansson – Natasha Romanoff – in the new Marvel movie. In an interview with Empire, the director noted that, perhaps, in the future, the audience will be told a new story – dedicated to Elena Belova. This heroine in Black Widow was played by 24-year-old British actress Florence Pugh.

“We had no idea how well Florence would cope with the role. Of course, we knew that she was a great actress, but did not understand how much. Scarlett said: “I give her the baton.” So we are ready to come up with another female storyline,” Shortland notes.

Black Widow tells a story about the Russian scout Natasha Romanoff with superhuman abilities.

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