Marilyn Monroe and her last wedding

From love to hate is one step. Just a year, the blonde Marilyn Monroe spent without her husband. On June 19, the wedding of the sexy film star and playwright Arthur Miller took place. They had worked so hard for this event, only to hate each other later.

It would seem that this marriage was the perfect combination of beauty and intelligence. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller were only supposed to complement each other, and it turned out the opposite. A few months after the wedding, Miller wrote in his diary: “I thought you were an angel, and you’re just a boring bitch.” Marilyn accidentally saw her husband’s words and after that, she could not get rid of the idea that her husband was ashamed of her. Later, she admits that she clung to her smart husband as the last hope to get out of the image of a stupid blonde. And the actress did a lot for this herself.

“Marilyn Monroe is tired of the imposed image of a stupid blonde, which brought her fame. She aspired to more and felt the potential to become a serious dramatic actress. At one of the press conferences, Monroe told reporters that she wanted to play Grushenka “In the Brothers Karamazov.” She met Lee Strasberg, a director, and director of the Stanislavsky School of Acting, where he taught under the Stanislavsky system. In addition to Monroe, his students included Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Jane Fonda, Dustin Hoffman, Robert de Niro, and Marlon Brando. Acquaintance with Strasberg turned all Marilyn’s ideas about acting. After studying with him, she finally really believed in her abilities and firmly decided to take on serious roles. Especially since Strasberg, unlike most other directors, saw in her the makings of a serious dramatic actress and encouraged her desire to learn.”

Under the direction of Strasberg, Monroe starred in the film “Bus Stop.” It was a dramatic picture with a completely different Monroe, who was even compared to Greta Garbo.

Arthur has everything

Monroe wanted Miller because he was a new, higher step for her. And she had to prove to herself that such a smart, educated, and intelligent person would see the real Marilyn and appreciate her. Before the wedding, Monroe and Miller met at parties for an enlightened audience, where the actress was completely different, without bright makeup and provocative outfits. And all for the sake of getting into the elite, where her Arthur was from. It seemed to Monroe that once she became the wife of the famous playwright Miller, “everyone would stop considering her a good-for-nothing stupid goose.” About this later, after the divorce, a crushed and broken Marilyn will write.

On the second attempt

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller met by chance on the set of the studio “20th Century Fox.” They exchanged a few words and went about their business. Later, in his autobiography, Miller wrote that when we shook hands, a wave ran through his body. However, then he tried to save the marriage with his first wife. The relationship did not go well for a long time, but the writer did not dare to divorce, because two children grew up in the family. Fate brought Monroe and Miller together again five years later. During this time, Marilyn Monroe has already become a movie star and managed to marry and divorce former baseball player Joe DiMaggio. The actress and playwright met in secret, as Miller was still married for some time. In addition, they had to hide their relationship from the FBI agents who followed the couple in love. The chosen Marilyn was suspected of having ties to the communists. Miller was even summoned to the Un-American Activities Commission to check on his inner circle, including Marilyn Monroe. However, Miller declined to name any colleagues who might be sympathetic to the left. As a result, he ended up in prison for a month, where he was visited by Monroe, risking his career.

Be mine

Before going to jail, Miller announced his intention to marry Monroe right during the court hearings (Miller had already divorced by this time). And it turned out that the couple had not yet had time to discuss these plans among themselves. Perhaps this also affected the future relationship, as they were not yet ready to become husband and wife and were clearly in a hurry. However, Marilyn immediately accepted Miller’s marriage proposal and even changed her religion for the sake of marriage. She converted from Christianity to Judaism. This was insisted on by Arthur Miller, who was born into a Jewish family. By the way, because of this, all films with a Hollywood star were banned from showing in Egypt.

The wedding sang and danced

Monro became the wife of Arthur Miller on June 19, 1956. The wedding was played modestly. 25 guests came to share the joy of the newly married couple. Marilyn was wearing a white dress just below the knee. Miller was wearing a blue linen suit with a flower in the buttonhole of his jacket. As a gift from her husband, Marilyn received an engagement ring with the engraving “Now and always.” In response, she wrote on a shared photo: “Hope, Hope. Hope.” And this inscription turned out to be prophetic. With the hope of happiness, she lived, and never experienced it. And Miller quickly became disillusioned.

After the wedding

At the time of the marriage, Marilyn was 30 years old. Miller was 12 years older than his wife. Perhaps he had that notorious midlife crisis when he was looking for inspiration and trying to prove to himself that he was still a man who could be attractive to a woman.

“When they met each other secretly in a hotel or talked on the phone before marriage, it was one thing. And it’s quite different when you live together all the time. And for him, she was a dream, and for her, he was a dream. Marilyn, first of all, wanted to get a normal family and have a child. But all this did not work out and Miller, instead of a beautiful dream, got married to an unsure and tense woman who is forced to drink handfuls of tranquilizers and constantly tries to commit suicide due to mental breakdowns. On one occasion, Arthur Miller dragged his wife out of the window when she became depressed due to a miscarriage. All this, of course, affected their relationship. That is, the reality was so contrasted with the expectations of marriage that such a life together could not last long.”

Moreover, when they were separated, when Marilyn was busy on the set of the film, and he stayed at home, they mentally communicated on the phone and again everything was fine, but together they found it difficult to find common topics for conversation.

The crisis of creativity

In the four years of their marriage, Arthur Miller, the Pulitzer Prize winner, did not write a single line. He couldn’t work at all because of the constant family scandals. Miller tried to use family relationships for his art, but it was offensive to Marilyn. She didn’t want him to expose their private lives to the public.

“Again, they had no money. The only source of income was Marilyn’s royalties and Miller forced her to accept an offer to star in the film “Some Like IT Hot” solely for the sake of money, and she did not want to return to this image of a stupid blonde, and this was also one of the resentments that she harbored against him.”

Before this picture, Monroe starred in the comedy melodrama “The Prince and the Showgirl” with the great Laurence Olivier in London. That is, Marilyn starred in the film in the role that Vivien Leigh played in the theater, and this was recognition of her talent. But not on the part of Monroe’s husband, although over the years of marriage he could have written something useful for his wife. Instead, the famous playwright wanted his wife to star in the film “The Misfits.” It was based on a story Miller wrote between his divorce from his first wife and his wedding to Marilyn. In this film, Miller came up with a role specifically for Monroe, who did not want to act, because the script for the picture was saturated with their personal life, and this completely turned Marilyn away from her husband. Yes, and the name seems to have been invented specifically to make Marilyn more painful.

Divorce and Monroe’s last role

Marilyn still starred in “The Misfits,” but not as the wife of the playwright Miller. Their marriage broke up before the premiere of the film, and the role of the lonely and restless divorcee Roslyn became the last for the actress. Miller left Monroe after five years of marriage. His departure was explained by the fact that he tried as much as he could to help his wife cope with her problems, but he did not do it well. And unfortunately, he was never able to see Norma Jeane (real name Marilyn Monroe) – a girl who was abandoned by her mother, and who wandered through orphanages and other people’s families.

The Mystery of Monroe’s Death

In 1962, a year after the divorce, Marilyn Monroe passed away. The exact cause of death of the “American goddess of love”, as it is often called, is still not clear. In the stomach and blood of the actress found traces of an overdose of sleeping pills, but no one can give a definite answer to the question – whether it was suicide or murder. According to one version, Monroe was killed on the order of someone from the Kennedy family (35th US President John F. Kennedy, he was credited with an affair with Marilyn Monroe).

Happiness without Monroe

The former husband of the actress did not grieve for a long time about the loss of a once close person. He didn’t even attend Marilyn Monroe’s funeral because his third wife was about to give birth to a daughter. Almost immediately after his divorce from Monroe, Miller married photographer Inge Morath, whom he met on the set of the film “The Misfits” Three years after the death of the actress, Arthur Miller wrote the play “After the Fall,” which he dedicated to his unsuccessful marriage. In the image of the capricious and hysterical second wife of the hero of the melodrama, there was clearly a hint of Marilyn. The premiere of the play failed the playwright. The audience booed him and threw rotten eggs at him.

As for success, of course, Marilyn Monroe was more successful. She was the star and idol of millions around the world. And Miller is just a well-known playwright for a narrow circle of people. Ask, who knows Monroe, and who knows Miller?

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