Maria Sharapova entered the top 10 most mentioned athletes on Twitter in 2020

The five-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments, Russian Maria Sharapova entered the top 10 most tweeted athletes in 2020 (posts from January 1 to November 30 were taken into account when compiling). Sharapova took seventh place.

Also, among the ten most mentioned athletes, there are two more tennis players – Japanese Naomi Osaka and American Serena Williams, who took first and second places.

Top 10 Athletes Mentioned on Twitter

1. Naomi Osaka (tennis)
2. Serena Williams (tennis)
3. Megan Rapino (football).
4. Simone Biles (artistic gymnastics).
5. Yuna Kim (figure skating).
6. Alex Morgan (football).
7. Maria Sharapova (tennis).
8. Mercedes Varnado (wrestling).
9. Maya Moore (basketball).
10. Alexis Kaufman (wrestling).

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