Maradona’s relatives fight for the 40 millionth inheritance

Relatives of 1986 world champion Diego Maradona, who died in November at the age of 60, began to fight for the legacy of the ex-footballer.

According to the newspaper, at least 16 people claim for a fortune, which is estimated at more than 40 million euros. In addition to bank accounts in Switzerland, Dubai and Argentina, Maradona also owned luxury real estate around the world and a significant fleet of premium cars.

Diego Maradona had five official children; seven more also claim this status. Also, four sisters of the ex-football player joined the fight for the wealth of the world champion.

“The war for Maradona’s money will not be just a rivalry – it will be a real-world championship,” a source close to the situation told The Sun.

The source emphasizes that under Argentine law, in the absence of a will, all heirs of the deceased have equal inheritance rights. Even children whom the deceased had never seen or did not even know about their existence if they can prove the fact of kinship, will enjoy the same rights as those officially recognized.

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