Group wants to launch its own cloud service using Amazon resources Cloud Solutions (MCS) has launched their own solution to enable companies to deploy federated Kubernetes clusters simultaneously using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MCS resources. The companies will offer Russians multi-cloud – a single access to cloud services and solutions of both companies at the same time.

MCS has chosen to use AWS technology, which is no different to how other Russian companies use AWS every day.

AWS and MCS have not signed a partnership agreement to operate in Russia. is one of the tens of thousands of AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners operating globally, under our standard partnership agreement. AWS and MCS do not have an agreement to jointly develop or deliver cloud solutions, or which enables AWS to do business in Russia.

According to a representative of, the main reason for cooperation was the geographical and legal aspects. The fact is that AWS is the largest company in the world in the cloud infrastructure market, but in Russia, it was represented only limitedly: the nearest data center is located in Germany.

On the other hand, foreign providers cannot enter the Russian market fully due to the regulation of personal data, so a new partnership will help the company operate freely in the country.

Partnership with MCS will help AWS global customers freely enter the Russian market while observing all the requirements of local legislation, and Russian MCS customers will be able to quickly scale in foreign markets.

representative of Group

Note that Amazon Web Services is the market leader in global revenue, which is estimated at $9.8 billion.

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