Magnetic charging for iPhone 12 presented a few hours before the announcement of the smartphone

Japanese manufacturer Mpow Japan announced a wireless charger a few hours before the official announcement of the iPhone 12.

Earlier it was repeatedly reported that the new iPhone 12 smartphones will have a ring of magnets under the lid on the back panel, which will be used to correctly position the phone on the wireless charger.

Japanese manufacturer Mpow Japan, a few hours before the official announcement of the iPhone 12, announced a wireless charger that allows precise positioning using the same magnetic ring.

The magnetic ring is located around the coil through which the energy is transmitted. When a smartphone is installed on such a charger, the coils inside the charging station and the smartphone are automatically positioned exactly one above the other, and the charging efficiency is maximized.

The manufacturer notes that standard wireless charging stations have a number of disadvantages and may not work efficiently enough if the smartphone is located inaccurately.

Serial production of the accessory will begin this month, the company promises to release it in 2020.

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