Maestro’s new app tells farmers about locust swarm approaching


The Maestro app will allow farmers to learn about the approach of a swarm of locusts that can destroy all crops in the fields. About it writes Eurek Alert! with reference to researchers from the British University of Lincoln who developed this application.

Maestro service allows farmers to remove locusts on smartphone cameras and send specialists to the UN hotline. If the insect really turns out to be a pest, a special icon will appear on the map in Maestro indicating the infected territory, and the organization’s employees will send specialists with pesticides.

Such an individual approach will reduce the inappropriate use of pesticides, as well as more effectively deal with locusts. The application database already contains 3,500 locust images that will allow the neural network to be trained to independently recognize these insects. The operation of the algorithm will be the first filter for photo recognition, before transmitting this data to the UN.

Every year, locust destroys agricultural products on 18 million hectares of land, which affects the economies of different countries quite strongly.

In the future, this system can be easily adapted to help people identify plant diseases and receive expert advice on how to deal with them.