Maduro’s ally in the US faces charges of drug terrorism

US authorities said the charges are new evidence of corruption within the Maduro regime.

A former member of the Venezuelan National Assembly and an ally of controversial President Nicolas Maduro has been charged in New York with drug terrorism, including cocaine trafficking and coordinating efforts with Hezbollah and Hamas.

Adel El-Zabayar was part of the Maduro Los Soles cartel, which Federal prosecutors say tried to enlist the support of the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (RAFC), Hezbollah and Hamas to “flood” the US with cocaine.

“Today’s charges against Adel El-Zabayar for trafficking cocaine and recruiting extremists further demonstrate the corruption within the Maduro regime”

said Timothy Shea, acting head of the Federal drug enforcement Administration.

El-Zabayar, who has Syrian roots, was photographed in Syria in 2013 next to soldiers loyal to Bashar al-Assad. In the criminal case, he appears to be an intermediary in an Alliance involving drug traffickers, the Venezuelan military, and organizations that the US considers terrorist.

Author: Steve Cowan
Graduated From Princeton University. He has been at the Free Press since October 2014. Previously worked as a regional entertainment editor.
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