Maduro: Venezuela unsuccessfully asked to unfreeze its funds to buy a vaccine

The President of the republic said that the money “was frozen and stolen in England, Portugal, Spain, and the United States.”

The Venezuelan authorities asked the US, UK, and EU countries to unfreeze the republic’s public funds to purchase a coronavirus vaccine but were refused. This was announced by the president of the South American country, Nicolas Maduro.

“We demanded that we be given money to buy a vaccine through the World Health Organization. They refused, “he said during a speech broadcast on the Venezolana de Television channel. According to Maduro, the funds that the republic needs to buy the vaccine “were frozen and stolen in England, Portugal, Spain, he United States.”

The Venezuelan president also expressed the opinion that coronavirus vaccines should not be “the subject of mercantile interest and geopolitical war.” “Those who have the money to buy the vaccine is sold and quickly delivered, and those who do not have the money, let them die. Vaccines should not be subject to the rules of wild capitalism,” Maduro said.

The Venezuelan government reported the first two cases of infection in the country on March 13, the same day, a state of emergency was imposed. On March 17, Maduro announced a decision to impose a quarantine throughout the country. More than 114 thousand cases of coronavirus infection and more than 1 thousand deaths have been registered in the republic.

On December 29, the vice-president of the South American country Delcy Rodriguez announced the signing of an agreement with the Russian side on the supply of 10 million doses of the vaccine against the coronavirus “Sputnik V.”

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