Maduro spoke about attempts to meet with Trump

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that a prepared meeting with Donald Trump on the UN General Assembly’s sidelines in 2018 was disrupted by US administration officials, stressing that the Republic’s authorities were in contact with the current President all four years of his rule.

“Donald Trump wanted to meet with me twice. One of them was in September 2018, when I was in New York. We were called, and the meeting was almost ready. Still, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo prevented it,” the politician said during an interview with national media, which was broadcast on his microblog on Twitter.

According to Maduro, during all four years of the Trump administration, the US and Venezuelan authorities’s maintained relations through presidential envoys and the state Department and intermediaries.

The Venezuelan President reiterated his readiness for an open dialogue with the United States at any time, in any place, and any form.

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