Maduro responded to the ultimatum put forward by European countries

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the leaders of Europe of indulging the American leader Donald Trump. “The whole of Europe is following trump’s words, especially in the case of Venezuela,” he said in an interview with CNN Turk. Spain, France and Germany politician urged to abandon the ultimatum for the elections in the Bolivarian Republic. “No one can give us an ultimatum,” he stressed.

On January 26, Spain, France and Germany have proposed to the Venezuelan authorities the ultimatum: if within the next eight days in the Bolivarian Republic will not hold early presidential elections, they recognize the head of Venezuela Guaido.

In the case of Venezuela, Europe, as Maduro said, “makes a mistake again.” “Despite our 200 years of independence, they ignore our history. We are proud of our independence, the blood of our liberators flows in us,” the President said. If someone wants to leave Venezuela, he can do it, he added. “Venezuela is not connected with Europe,” Maduro said, stressing that “the European elites do not reflect the opinion of the European people.”

“We have many good friends in Europe. But the leaders of many European countries are watching the words that come from trump’s mouth. The whole of Europe is watching trump, especially in the case of Venezuela, “the politician shared his opinion.

At the same time, he demonstrated openness to dialogue. “Meeting with trump would be unlikely, but not impossible,” Maduro added. However, the current American leader, in his opinion, is not a person who could “cope with the problems.”

According to him, Maduro has no plans for re-election yet. “We went to many elections in Venezuela,” the head of state said, recalling that in the last elections his supporters won in 19 of the 23 districts of the country. “At the same time, municipal elections were held. <...> We also organized the presidential elections last year, and we won them with the result of 65%,” Maduro said. Ahead, according to him, Venezuela has only national parliamentary elections. According to the plan, they should be held in 2020.

The situation in Venezuela worsened after the inauguration of Maduro on January 10. The results of the last presidential elections held in the country were not recognized by the Venezuelan opposition, as well as a number of Western and Latin American countries. In their opinion, “some players” were not allowed to participate in the campaign.

On January 23 the speaker of the national Assembly (the local Parliament) of Venezuela Juan Guaido at a mass meeting of the local opposition, declared himself the President of the country. It was supported by the US, Canada, Georgia and a number of Latin American countries then. In Venezuela mass protests and clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement officials began again.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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