Maduro reported on the reasons for the third large-scale blackout in the country

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke about the reasons for the large-scale power outage in the country, reports Venezolana de Televisión.

According to him, the accident at the hydroelectric power station was the result of an attack organized by opposition forces.

“The attack was carried out from a hill with a rifle”, said Maduro. According to him, the attack was carried out by a mercenary acting on behalf of “the opposition that staged a coup d’état”.

“It was an act of terrorism unprecedented in cruelty. They damaged the “heart” of the hydroelectric power plant, a vital element of the National electrical system”, Maduro said, noting that 80% of the remaining areas without electricity were restored.

According to him, he expects to receive news about the completion of repairs in the next few hours.

Residents of at least 16 States of Venezuela (a total of 23 States in the country, as well as the Federal capital district and The Federal possessions of the Los Roques Archipelago) were left without light on March 25. Several districts of Caracas also lost power supply, and three lines of the capital’s metro stopped working. This shutdown was the third large-scale blackout in the last month.

Prior to that, Caracas and its surroundings were left without light on March 18. Then the national electricity Corporation reported that the cause of the power outage was a fire at one of the substations.

Author: Flyn Braun
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