Maduro called to hold new elections to the Parliament early

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, speaking to his supporters, said the possibility of early parliamentary elections, according to Reuters.

Maduro explained that the issue of postponing the parliamentary elections to be held in 2020 will be decided by the Constitutional Assembly controlled by the government. The vote, as the President pointed out, can be postponed to this year.

The current Parliament, whose leader Juan Guido was declared acting President, Maduro condemned and called “bourgeoisie┬╗.

The situation in Venezuela worsened after the inauguration of Maduro, which took place on January 10. In May last year, he won the presidential election with the result of 67.8% of the vote. However, the Venezuelan opposition and a number of Western countries did not recognize the results of the elections. They explained it that, according to their data, “several players” weren’t allowed to vote.

On January, speaking at a rally of thousands of opposition, the Chairman of the Venezuelan national Assembly declared himself the President. It was subsequently supported by the United States, Canada, Georgia and a number of Latin American States. France, Germany and Spain said on January 26 that also recognize temporarily the acting head of Venezuela Guaido if in the Republic within eight days will be announced to hold early elections.

Maduro later, commenting on this ultimatum, said that “Europe makes a mistake.” The countries of the West, he was accused of pandering to the American leader is Donald Trump. According to him, the politician had no plans for re-election at that time.

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