Maduro called the reason for the victory of the socialists in the elections in Venezuela

One of the reasons for the high results of the socialist alliance in the parliamentary elections in Venezuela was the disunity of opposition parties, said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during a meeting with a Russian delegation of observers.

“We have received almost 250 out of 277 seats. The opposition has shown itself to be fragmented; this has not allowed them to optimize their election campaign,” Maduro said during the meeting, which is broadcast on his Twitter microblog.

Elections to the unicameral Parliament of Venezuela – the National Assembly – were held on Sunday; 107 political parties and associations participated in them, more than 14 thousand candidates in total. More than 20 parties, including the party of opposition leader Juan Guaido, refused to vote. Several Western countries, including the EU and the US, have declared non-recognition of the parliamentary elections.


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