Madonna provokes rumors of health problems with stitched photo

Madonna, 62, has caused fans to worry by posting a bizarre photo. She hinted at health problems, but did not talk about them directly, but only showed an unexpected photo with stitches on her thigh.

Madonna lay down, lifting the hem of a chic graphite satin dress. A wide surgical plaster was clearly visible on the bare thigh, judging by which the artist underwent surgery.

“Madame X is a survivor,” the artist signed the post. Let us remind you that Madame X is Madonna’s last studio album.

Fans speculated that the scar was the result of trauma Madonna received during her summer performance. A chair was suddenly pulled out from under her, and she hit painfully, falling. It is also known that Madonna experienced severe pain in her knees and hip joints. This disturbed her during last year’s international tour, and some concerts were even cancelled.

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