Made concessions: Apple canceled 30% commission in the App Store, but not for everyone

Apple has repeatedly been condemned for too high a commission for conducting monetary transactions in applications from the App Store – 30%. And suddenly the company made concessions.

What does it mean
Facebook recently urged Apple to remove fees for paid events to support users during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, for conducting online trainings or concerts. Then the company refused, and now it has changed its mind.

So, until the end of the year, Apple decided not to charge a 30% commission on payments for online events that the business organizes through Facebook tools. A similar exception was made for other developers – for example, Airbnb and the ClassPass training service.

But for game developers, the commission remains. Apple believes their business hasn’t been hit hard by the coronavirus.

“Apple has agreed to provide a short three-month respite, after which troubled businesses will again have to pay Apple the full 30%,” Facebook said.

Recall that recently even the “Coalition for App Fairness” was created, which aims to protect the rights of developers to create applications and do business directly with their customers. The coalition already includes Epic Games, Spotify, Match Group (owner of Tinder), Basecamp, Tile, Deezer and others.