Macron was suspected of staging after the slapping incident

Social media users in France actively comment on the incident with a slap in the face to the French leader Emmanuel Macron: some strongly condemn the incident, calling for the punishment of the aggressor, others recall the violence against citizens at protest actions, and others wonder whether the incident was staged.

While French politicians-both who support Macron and those who are his direct opponents-strongly and firmly condemned the attack on the French leader, various comments about the incident can be found on the Internet.

“It is shocking, it is shameful, it is unacceptable to slap the President of the Republic. Every Frenchman and anyone who lives in this peaceful country should feel affected. I want justice to be merciless to the aggressor,” wrote a user dem under the post of French Prime Minister Jean Castex, who said that democracy is a debate and a clash of ideas, but not aggression – neither verbal nor even physical.

“Naturally, this deserves condemnation, but this slap in the face is nothing compared to the violence – physical, moral, and social, which Mr. Macron forces the French to endure. Let’s not forget about the crippled “yellow vests,” – comments a user with the nickname GiletsN on the post of the leader of the right-wing National Union party, Marine Le Pen, who called the aggression against the French president unacceptable.

“I can’t condemn slapping politicians who don’t protect their people,” says ROY DAVID.

Someone suggests that all this could be a staged scene. “And if it was a production? They are ready to do anything to divide the French and denigrate our France,” says user Marianne Marie.

The French singer, poet, and politician Francis Lalanne ask the same question. “A slap in the face to Macron, a production for a president with low support? Need victimization?” he left a note on his Twitter page.

“I admit I had my doubts. The way Macron puts his hand on the man’s shoulder and he gives him a light slap… Today everything is so depraved that I think about the production first of all,” the account owner under the nickname le nantais libre replies to Lalanne. “I think that, rather, the citizens are fed up. And despite all the precautions, he (the man who slapped him) went through the ring of police officers,” another user comments.

In addition to comments, social networks are full of numerous cartoons. So, for example, one of the users publishes a photo of Macron in a black suit with long spikes and the caption under it: “After a short break, Emmanuel Macron is ready to return to communication with the people.” The French leader himself on Thursday already commented on the incident, urging not to exaggerate its significance. Macron stressed that he has no concerns after the incident and will continue to communicate with the French.

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