Macron was not met, trump and Putin did not shake hands, Merkel was late. The summit G20 summit began in Argentina

The G20 summit began in Buenos Aires on 30 November. The event started with some hitches. The President of France was not met, none of the authorities at the ramp, the German Chancellor liner was forced to return to Germany due to problems, and the Presidents of Russia and the United States don’t shake hands.

The loudest news since the opening of the summit-the presidents of Russia and the United States Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump did not shake hands. Earlier, we will remind, a meeting of the two leaders was scheduled on the sidelines of the summit. However, at the last moment the owner of the White house refused because of the situation in the Kerch Strait.

Putin and Trump did not say hello to each other during the photographing of the heads of delegations, reports RBC. Both stood in the front row, but there were other heads of state between them. Later, Trump confirmed that the conflict in the Strait was the only reason why he refused a bilateral meeting.
They did not intersect before the working meeting. Between them, again, sat other people. By the way, Putin and Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman greeted very uncharacteristically for serious events.



French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Bridget at the airport at the ramp was not met by any of the representatives of the Argentine leadership. The President and the first lady of France went down the ladder, walked the red carpet, Macron shook hands with the technical staff of the airport, and the couple got in the car.

It turned out that there were overlays, and the President still came to meet Vice-President of Argentina Gabriela Mosque.

“Everything was strictly scheduled by time… We waited the staff of the unit protocol signal “time”. But when we went to the runway, it turned out that the President is already getting into the car,” — quotes the words of Michetti TASS.
But German Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to return to Germany. In the plane there were technical problems after departure. As a result, she together with the delegation went to the summit on a flight plane.


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