Macron responded to an online petition for yellow vests»

The French President acknowledged the right of protesters against the increase of gasoline prices, called the support of the petition “civil action” and announced his readiness to continue the dialogue.

Protests of yellow vests min

The President of France Emmanuel Macron responded to an online petition signed by 1.15 million people and placed on the website an activist from the ranks of the “yellow jackets” Priscillia Ludoski. “I heard your message. I answer you directly: you are right, ” Macron wrote on Thursday, December 20, using the service of the site that allows those to whom the petition is addressed to respond to it.

According to Macron, the protesters ” suffered heavy damage from the increase in gasoline prices and decided to respond by signing a petition.” The document contains proposals on how to protect the environment without imposing an additional financial burden on the French.

The fight against climate change is necessary, but should not conflict with the monthly earnings of citizens, wrote Macron. The President admitted that he had not yet managed to overcome the “gap between the people and the government” after he took office. Support for the petition Macron called “civil action” and announced its readiness to continue the dialogue.

Protests of ” yellow vests»

Thousands of protests against the increase in gasoline prices, organized by the yellow vests movement, have been going on in France for more than a month. The mass protest movement was organized mainly through social networks and has no official representatives. The first protests were held on November 17-18, and then covered the whole country.
December 10 Macron made an appeal to the nation, promising to increase the minimum wage by 100 euros and lower taxes. Earlier, the government in Paris approved a moratorium on the growth of fuel taxes.

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