Macron has given up his future presidential pension

French President Emmanuel Macron has refused the pension due to him as a former head of state. He remains in power, just decided to share his opinion and plans. The newspaper Le Parisien, citing a source in the government, reported this.

Macron refused the payments that will be put to him after the end of the first presidential term in May 2022. Also, he would not need a pension if he were elected again-until 2027.
A law of 1955 established the presidential pension for former leaders of the country. Now it is 6220 euros per month. The total amount is not affected by the term of office of the head of state and the age of the leader. The salary of a member of the constitutional Council is 13.5 thousand per month.

“We live in a time when elected officials should set an example by their behavior,” the source said.

The current permanent rate of the presidential pension will soon change. Under the ongoing reform in France, the authorities will form a new payment based on a single system of accrual of points.

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