Maas said the negative impact of the pandemic on “Brexit” negotiations

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated negotiations with the UK on “Brexit,” many issues are still open. Still, the EU is striving to reach an agreement, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in Berlin after talks with the EU coordinator for negotiations with London, Michel Barnier.

“A lot happened last year, and today there is even more at stake than a year ago. The coronavirus pandemic has made negotiations even more difficult, from any point of view. But it made the agreement even more necessary,” the Minister said, adding that “many issues are still open.”

“As the EU, we present a constructive position at the last stage of these negotiations. We still want solutions, but of course, some areas are critical to us. I will only list peace in Ireland, the EU internal market, fair competition, and effective legal structures,” Maas added.

According to the Minister, the EU is negotiating “Brexit” “with a great desire for an agreement,” supporting the work of Barnier. The community supports “a close and ambitious partnership with the UK and this remains our goal,” the Minister said.