Lynk first sent a text message from satellite to a regular smartphone

Lynk was able for the first time to send a text message from the satellite to a regular smartphone. About it writes The Verge.

Now, to transmit messages or calls from a satellite, you need a special satellite phone or accessories for a regular smartphone. Lynk managed to send a message from the Cygnus satellite, which has been in the orbit of the Earth since January 2020, a message to a regular smartphone with the text “This is a test.”

A message with the text came on the smartphone of an employee of the company, who at that time was on the Falkland Islands – near the southeast coast of South America. The company notes that the first three letters of the message were cut off, so only the letters “test” and a space before this word came to the smartphone.

In the future, Lynk plans to create a network of several thousand satellites that will serve mobile subscribers on Earth. The first 55 satellites of the company weighing 25 kg each will appear in orbit in the coming years. Lynk even with this coverage will be able to begin to provide commercial services to other mobile operators, the newspaper notes.

Author: Flyn Braun
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