Lucy Liu complains about career problems because of her Looks

Lucy Liu, an American actress with Taiwanese roots, has complained about career difficulties, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. Charlie’s Angels star recalled that in her youth she had difficulty working due to her atypical appearance.

According to the star, after moving to Los Angeles she had only two or three auditions per month, while one of her friends could visit about ten castings per day. According to the artist, even then she realized that her career opportunities would be limited.

But then I got lucky with a few projects. I began to appear at the auditions, where I stood out among other women. I thought: “I don’t even understand how I could get here, but I will give all my best.” , Liu says.

Lucy Liu Actress stressed that in her youth she was rather naive and did not think that she would eventually become one of the first women of Asian appearance to break Hollywood stereotypes. “I did not know what awaited me and what I would need to confront,” said Liu.

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