Lucy Hale admits that she feels more alone than ever

In a new interview with ET-Online, Lucy Hale revealed how her isolation has affected her personal life.

‘I felt lonely like never before. But it normal. During the quarantine, I did everything alone. And before, I hated being alone. And I realized that I would agree to meet with someone only if he makes me even happier, because I am already happy now alone, in my routine,’ – shared Lucy.

She admitted that she is sitting on a dating site, but is afraid to meet with candidates in person.

‘I still haven’t met anyone because I’m too nervous. Believe it or not, but in such matters, I am very shy,’ – said the actress.

When it comes to criteria for an ideal partner, Hale especially emphasizes a sense of humor.

‘I have a specific sense of humor, so the other person’s sense of humor is everything. I have no physical criteria. I met everyone in a row. But I’m looking for someone confident in themselves, someone who is comfortable in their skin. And there are so many insecure guys, with them, I just can’t, I tried,’ – noted Lucy.

The actress also stressed that work ethics, drive, and passion in a person are important for her.

‘I don’t care what he does. The main thing is that he does it at 110 percent. And he had a “moral compass.” To just be a good person. These are very simple things, but very difficult to find,’ – Hale summed up.

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