Los Angeles recorded the highest temperature ever recorded in the city

The temperature reached 49.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

The temperature in Los Angeles (California) reached 49.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday. According to the US national weather service, this is the highest figure in the history of observations in the city.

The record was recorded in the afternoon local time in the Northwest district of Los Angeles. The previous maximum in the city was observed on July 22, 2006. Then the temperature rose to 48.3 degrees Celsius.

According to meteorologists, 49.4 degrees Celsius is the highest temperature recorded not only in the city of Los Angeles but also in the same County, on the territory of which it is located, as well as in several neighboring counties. Representatives of the service allowed that the temperature would continue to rise. New records may soon be set in the area, the statement said.

Operators of the California power grid on Sunday warned of the possibility of mass power outages in the state due to the abnormal heat. Up to 9 million people may be left without electricity during the day. According to Bloomberg estimates, this may be the largest-scale fan outage in the state’s history.

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