Los Angeles ambulances will stop picking up patients with a low chance of survival

Los Angeles ambulances will stop taking people with a low chance of survival to hospitals. The county emergency medical agency issued the corresponding order, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In particular, we are talking about those patients who have a cardiac arrest, no signs of breathing, movement, pulse or blood pressure, despite the attempts of doctors to resuscitate the patient on the spot. County doctors were also asked to conserve oxygen and only supply oxygen to those patients whose blood oxygen saturation has dropped below 90 per cent.

The authorities took such a radical due to an acute shortage of hospital beds, ambulance crews, medical resources. It is reported that doctors to the healthcare system’s pressure, patients can spend up to eight hours in ambulances while waiting for their turn to be hospitalized. At the same time, hospitals try to discharge patients as soon as possible to make room for emergency care needs. Officials fear that the situation will only worsen in the coming weeks due to the surge in the incidence of COVID-19 after the New Year holidays.

Earlier, California ran out of places in morgues amid the coronavirus raging in the state. The state’s hospitals in intensive care units also have almost no free beds.

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