Lordstown Motors presented a rival Tesla Cybertruck

Competition in the electric pickup market is intensifying – Lordstown Motors presented a potential competitor to the acclaimed Tesla Cybretruck. The model called Endurance has already collected 14 thousand pre-orders; first customers will receive their cars in January 2021.

The declared cost of Lordstown Endurance is $52.5 thousand, but taking into account the federal discount on the purchase of electric vehicles and hybrid cars, US residents will be able to purchase a crossover for only 45 thousand. The assembly will take place at a plant in Ohio, which Lordstown bought last year from General Motors for $ 20 million.

The main feature of the electric pickup is motors built into the wheels and controlled separately. Such a scheme can significantly increase the stability, controllability and patency of the machine. The total power of the motors will be 600 horsepower.

Lordstown Motors Inside Ev’s

The battery capacity has not yet been announced by the manufacturer, but some details about it are already known. So, a battery charge of up to 95 percent capacity will take 10 hours when using a seven-kilowatt charge of the Level 2 type and not more than an hour with high-speed charging of the Level 3. The power reserve of the Lordstown Endurance is at least 200 miles (about 320 kilometers).

Accelerate to 100 km / h from standstill the car will be able in just 5.6 seconds. But the declared maximum speed Endurance is not impressive – only 128 km / h. The electric crossover will be able to overcome 30-degree slopes and tow a trailer weighing up to 2.8 tons.

Tesla Cybertruck will not be the only competitor to Endurance. So, in 2021, Ford is going to begin production of the Mustang E-Mach electric crossover. In addition, last year, pre-production prototypes of two electric pickups were shown by Bollinger.