Looks like Sony is phasing out PlayStation 4 production and stores are selling the latest consoles

Apparently, the eighth-generation consoles’ era has already begun to pack their bags, and Sony is gradually curtailing production of the PlayStation 4.

The Japanese company has already launched PlayStation 5 sales but has yet to announce the end of support for the PS4. Yet the consoles are clearly short-lived. The Japanese game store has announced that it has no plans to restock some PlayStation 4.

The limitation will apply to white PS4s with 500GB and 1TB drives, white PS4 Pros with 1TB drives, and black PS4s with 1TB and 2TB drives. As a reason, the store cites “the manufacturer’s discontinuation of production.”

It is noteworthy that this is already the second message of this kind. In December, the US PlayStation Direct announced that it had no plans to resume shipping the PlayStation 4 Pro. Now the site is talking about the depletion of existing reserves.

Sony has not yet officially announced production cuts and has promised investors to support the PS4 for about three years after the next generation of consoles. Perhaps this is how the company decided to free the conveyors and deal with the deficit of the PlayStation 5.

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