Looking Glass makes a 3D image out of any photo

Brooklyn-based tech company Looking Glass Factory is about to offer an 8-inch holographic display called Portrait, which will make lifelike holograms from photos.

To create holograms, the company uses machine learning technology: the equipment scans photographs, measures angles, and reflective light, and then creates a three-dimensional 3D image.

The idea that any 2D photograph can be made into a holographic image has been discussed in research groups for years. We have created a service that anyone can use to turn a photo into a hologram.

Sean Frain, CEO of Looking Glass Factory

According to the developers, it doesn’t matter what device the original photo was taken with – it can be a professional DSLR camera or a regular smartphone. It can even be a scan of an old photograph or a drawing from a book. The only caveat – to display the hologram itself, you still need a special device like Portrait or the like.

The service is due to launch this spring as a premium feature in the HoloPlay Studio software suite, with conversions taking seconds and no coding knowledge required. You can use the function for $350. The cost of converting photos will be $20 per 100 pieces.

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