Looking for California fire victims and missing persons: in search of about 1,300 people


On Sunday the authorities of the Butte County intensified the search for victims and missing people as a result of the largest fire in the North of California. This was reported to the news Agency Associated Press by the Sheriff of Butte Corey Hon, warning that the state is approaching the rainy front.

“I really want us to be able to cope with all this before the rains start, but I do not know how it will be possible,” he said.

On the one hand, rainfall will make it easier to extinguish the fire and, on the other, will turn the fire zone into impassable mud. Under such circumstances, it is possible that rescuers will never be able to establish the exact number of deaths, the Sheriff admitted.

The search for missing persons is becoming increasingly difficult. “Thousands of people had to move urgently. We ask people to review the list of all missing persons and contact the police to report that someone has escaped and is safe, ” Honka said.

The US national weather service predicts that the storm front will reach Northern California on November 20-21. The wind speed will reach17.9 m/s.

The number of victims of the natural fire “Camp” in Northern California reaches 76 people. The total number of deaths in fires is 79 people. The number of missing persons is approaching 1.3 thousand people. More than 12 thousand buildings were destroyed, including more than 9.8 thousand houses. A number of

California counties have emergency regimes.
Earlier, US President Donald Trump ordered to allocate funds from the Federal budget necessary to combat the elements.

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