Look at two “co-dependent” planets: they have not only one star for two

Several interacting exoplanets have already been discovered by satellites from Earth. But a new breakthrough was achieved when researchers first discovered a new type of extrasolar system. A highly interacting exoplanetary system has not been encountered before. The results of the latest discovery of scientists are published by Astronomy & Astrophysics.

An international group of experts, including scientists from the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris (CNRS), has discovered an unusual planetary system. It was named WASP-148 and was found using the French SOPHIE spectrograph of the Upper Provence Observatory. Scientists analyzed the motion of the star and came to the conclusion that it contains two planets – WASP-148b and WASP-148c. Observations showed that the two planets are actively interacting, this is confirmed by other data.

Two co-dependent planets

While the first planet, WASP-148b, rotates around its star in almost nine days, the rotation of the second, WASP-148c, takes four times as long. This correlation between the orbital periods implies that the WASP-148 system is close to resonance – an increase in the gravitational interaction between two planets.

And it turns out that astronomers really discovered changes in the orbital periods of the planets. This reverses the idea of ​​scientists about the standard interaction of planets in the star system. While one planet, not affected by the second, will move with a constant period, WASP-148b and WASP-148c are subject to acceleration and deceleration, which indicates their interaction.

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