Look at the Boston Dynamics shepherd from New Zealand

Look at the Boston Dynamics shepherd robot in New Zealand. In the future, developers plan to improve it – sheep can be grazed from anywhere in the world.

To show how useful the four-legged robot dog Boston Dynamics can be, New Zealand-based Rocos has adapted the Spot device to graze sheep. This development resulted from a collaboration with Boston Dynamics. In the future, Rocos plans to improve the system, it will allow you to control Spot remotely and automate robots so that they can function independently.

The new Spot robots can also harvest, check plant information, or create maps in real-time. Engineers noted that these capabilities appeared after Spot became more dexterous, adapted to work on rough terrain, and integrated with infrared sensors and LiDAR cameras. Rocos plans to use technology to remotely design and collect sensor data. In other words, users will be able to graze sheep in New Zealand from anywhere in the world.