Look at the albino dolphin, it was found in the Black Sea seven years later

Scientists at the Sevastopol Institute of Biology of the South Seas of the Russian Academy of Sciences during the expedition found a rare albino dolphin in the Black Sea. The last time he was seen seven years ago, the press service of the institute said.

An unusual animal was found during the 113th voyage of the scientific research expedition “Professor Vodyanitsky”.

Bottlenose dolphins, despite their young age (the animal was seen in a stable pair with a larger bottlenose dolphin, presumably his mother) already have injuries – deep scars on the caudal stem, characteristic of falling under the screw.

Post on the Institute’s website

The state of the albino dolphin is satisfactory. The animal is now located in the Tarkhankutsky reserve, however, researchers fear that it may migrate elsewhere.

It should be noted that during the expedition of the Sevastopol Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas of the Russian Academy of Sciences, experts carried out a complete census of cetacean populations in the Azov and Black Sea. Of the three species of cetaceans that live in the Black Sea (white barrels, azovids and bottlenose dolphins), most often came across white barrels.