Look at the absolutely satellite image of the Martian Canyon Valles Marineris

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter team has published a snapshot of the Valles Marineris Canyon System, which runs along the entire Martian equator. This is stated on the website of the University of Arizona – the developer of the HiRISE camera on which the picture was taken.

The picture was taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter back in 2007, but the university team published it just now. The photograph shows three different types of relief – in the upper half of the image plains with craters and winding channels are shown.

Mars photo

At the same time, scientists do not understand how these channels appear on Mars, given that now there are no liquids on the planet. Probably, these may be layers of some minerals, the scientists said. However, such a soil is resistant to erosion, and therefore can be in this form for millions of years.

In addition, scientists published another photograph showing a exposed layer of Martian soil with different layers.

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