Look at Crew Dragon from an unexpected angle: this shot was taken by an astronaut

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy took a photograph of the SpaceX Crew Dragon, docked with the International Space Station during spacewalk with Bob Benken. The SpaceX ship hit the photo from an unexpected angle. Astronauts went beyond the space station to replace old solar panels.

Astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Benken went outside the space station to replace old solar panels. The star of the show was Endeavor, the SpaceX Crew Dragon, which delivered Benken and his NASA astronaut colleague Doug Hurley to the station on May 30 during their Demo-2 mission.

Cassidy caught a good shot: Endeavor was right in front, but the JAXA HTV-9 truck also got on the photo. On the frame, you can also see the stunning blue curvature of the Earth.

During a press conference aboard the space station, the astronaut stated that the most memorable moment of the entire spacewalk was this one – when he managed to shoot the SpaceX Crew Dragon docked with the International Space Station.

“Last Friday, Chris and I had a wonderful event and a great view of the Crew Dragon. It was amazing to be able to look back and take a picture. I think we got a good shot in daylight. It was pretty cool”.

Bob Benken, NASA Astronaut

A pair of astronauts went into outer space to replace obsolete nickel-hydrogen batteries with new, more efficient, smaller lithium-ion batteries. Next time, Benken and Cassidy will go into outer space on Wednesday, July 1.

As long as Benken and Hurley, who helped with spacewalk from the space station, remain in orbit, Endeavor will continue to undergo tests, since the Demo-2 mission is a test flight for a vehicle. But, as Benken said during the press conference, their ship performed very well.

He added that Endeavor’s positive results give both astronauts constant confidence in their vehicle.

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