Look at a crooked galaxy in which a supernova exploded

This image from NASA/ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope captures the impressive galaxy NGC 2442. The galaxy is nicknamed the Meathook galaxy, a sharp metal hook used to hang meat carcasses. This is how NGC 2442 was named because of its extremely asymmetric and irregular shape.

It was in this galaxy that the supernova SN 2015F, which was created by a white dwarf, took place in March 2015. The white dwarf was part of a binary star system and siphoned off mass from its companion star, eventually becoming too greedy and taking on more than it could handle.

This threw the star off balance and triggered uncontrolled nuclear fusion, which ultimately led to an intense supernova explosion. The supernova that exploded in the galaxy was Type Ia, with a peak apparent magnitude of 16.8. It shone for quite a long time and it could be easily seen from Earth even with a small telescope even several months after the explosion.

NGC 2442 is a distorted galaxy in the constellation Flying Fish. This object is among those listed in the original edition of the New Shared Catalog. Galaxy NGC 2442 is part of the group of galaxies NGC 2442.

Author: John Kessler
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