London’s homeless will be offered a two-week hotel stay over Christmas

London’s homeless will be offered two weeks ‘ hotel accommodation with three meals a day and virtual celebrity performances for Christmas. This is reported by The Sunday Times.

This year, charities will not accommodate homeless people in dormitories due to the risk of the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, the London Hotel Group has agreed to provide rooms in four hotels at a reduced cost.

Thus, breaking a 50-year tradition, the charity has removed 517 rooms for people without a fixed residence place. According to the head of the organization, Ian Richards, employees did not agree to conditions worse than previously provided.

The hotel will provide them with three meals a day with delivery to their rooms. They will also have access to medical care, and on Christmas night, performances by stars Ellie Goulding, Imelda Staunton, and Jonathan Pryce will be broadcast on screens.

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