London refused a petition for the abolition of “Brexit”

The British government does not intend to ask the European Union to cancel the procedure of withdrawal from the EU and will continue to work on the implementation of Brexit. The government’s statement, which appeared on Tuesday evening on the website of the Parliament, was a response to the petition for the abolition of “Brexit”, which was supported by almost 5.8 million residents of the United Kingdom.

“The government will not withdraw article 50 [the Lisbon Treaty on European Union]. We will respect the results of the referendum in 2016 and together with the Parliament to work on the approval of the transaction, which will ensure the exit of our country from the European Union, — said in a statement prepared by the Ministry of “Brexit”. – The government acknowledges that the petition has received substantial support. However, almost three-quarters of the British eligible to vote took part in the 2016 referendum, expecting its results to be respected.”

The statement emphasizes that the conservative government will not break the promises that it made to the British people. In the Cabinet of Prime Minister Theresa May believe that abandoning the implementation of “Brexit”, the government will undermine the confidence of the inhabitants of the country, as well as a strong blow to the foundations of British democracy.

Record support

The petition for the abolition of “Brexit” and the preservation of UK membership in the EU received the broadest support of all petitions ever posted on the website of the UK Parliament. The collection of signatures for the petition began on February 20. By March 18, it collected 10 thousand signatures, by March 20, their number exceeded 100 thousand, and the next day exceeded 2 million.

According to the procedure in force in the UK, any petition with more than 10 thousand signatures requires an official reaction of the government, and after reaching the mark of 100 thousand should be considered in Parliament. No support can guarantee that the requirements of the supporters of the petition will be satisfied, but the Parliament on April 1 will be obliged to hold a debate on the abolition of “Brexit”.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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