London Mayor Declares Emergency Due To COVID-19 Situation

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced an emergency in the UK capital amid the threat of overcrowding hospitals with COVID-19 patients. He announced this on Friday, January 8, on his Twitter page.

“The threat this virus poses to our city is at the stage of the crisis. Every 30th Londoner now has COVID-19. If we do not take immediate action now, our NHS (National Health Service of Great Britain – Ed.) May be overwhelmed, and more people will die, ” wrote Khan.

At the end of December, the mayor of London criticized the imposition of a hard lockdown in the capital. According to him, the quarantine was a “blow” for people and business.

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said on December 14 that a new, mutated version of the coronavirus had been identified in the country. There were about 1,000 infections with the new strain in the south of the country.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the new strain of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 more infectious. On December 20 introduced a hard lockdown in the capital and south of the country due to the spread of the infection. Then the British began to leave London en masse.

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