London does not recognize Maduro’s victory in Parliament

The UK does not recognize the results of the elections in Venezuela.

The British foreign office issued a statement saying that the Venezuelan National Assembly’s elections were neither free nor fair.

According to the national electoral Commission of Venezuela, according to the results of counting 82% of votes and with a turnout of 31% of voters with a result of 67.6% in the elections of deputies of the National Assembly, the socialist Alliance “Great Patriotic pole of Simon Bolivar” is leading. The second place belongs to the opposition from the Democratic Alliance – 17.95%.

“The UK does not recognize the result of the illegitimate elections to the Venezuelan National Assembly held on December 6, 2020,” the British Department said in a statement.

The document emphasizes that London recognizes the National Assembly as democratically elected in 2015 and opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim head of state.


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