Liv Tyler told how she got sick with COVID-19

Liv Tyler, 43, spoke for the first time about how she tested positive for COVID-19. The actress posted a picture on Instagram. In the photo, she lies in a medical mask and tightly hugs the children. In a caption to the frame, Tyler revealed that she was diagnosed with coronavirus on New Year’s Eve.

Liv explained that due to her secrecy and shyness, she preferred not to give details of the condition and course of the disease. But she felt that “everyone should share stories, information, gather facts and know that they are not alone in this.”

Tyler stressed that she managed to protect herself and her family from the virus throughout 2020, but the last day of the outgoing year “knocked her down.” She experienced “feelings of fear, shame and guilt” when she realized that she could infect loved ones. But, fortunately, none of Liv’s relatives got sick again.

“I went to bed for 10 days. Not only the physical aspects of the disease but also the emotional and psychological ones were difficult, ” the actress said, recalling that for this period she was isolated in a separate room, where she watched with horror on TV the storming of the Capitol, not understanding whether this was happening in reality or her unhealthy dream. She supported the mood only with letters from children.

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