Liv Tyler returns to England to her husband after rumors of a divorce

In 2017, Liv Tyler decided to start a new life with her beloved Dave Gardner and moved to England from the USA. Since then, the actress rarely returned to her native New York and spent a lot of time with her family. But this year Liv and her two children went to Los Angeles for two whole months. The star missed Dave’s birthday but recorded a video for him in which she appeared without a wedding ring. This provoked rumors that things are not so smooth in the relationship of the stars.

But then a friend of the couple denied these rumors and explained why Tyler had not been home for two months:

Liv went to see her sister’s child. But since she and Dave are not married, he was not allowed into the country due to the coronavirus.

Tyler and Gardner are raising four children: 4-year-old Lulu Rose, 5-year-old Sailor Gene, and two children from their previous partners. Liv has a 15-year-old son Milo from his marriage to musician Royston Langdon, and Dave is raising 12-year-old Gray from his first wife.

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