Lisa Kudrow revealed the details of the controversial scandal on the set of Friends

Peaceful, at first glance, the actress was involved in the conflict.

Lisa Kudrow, who played the role of Phoebe in the famous TV series Friends, might not get the role due to a conflict with director James Burroughs. The pretty blonde shared an ambiguous story during an interview on the Howard Stern Show.

Kudrow recalled that she was originally supposed to play the role of Rose Doyle in the sitcom Fraser. However, when Burroughs looked at her, he said that Lisa did not at all fit the type that had formed in his head. Kudrow harbored a grudge against Burroughs. She did not yet know that she was about to face him again.

Imagine Lisa’s surprise when, during the audition for Friends, it turned out that James would be involved in this series too.

“Because of Burroughs, I had to do an extra audition. When I presented my vision of the role, he answered very dryly – no comments. In the end, I left there with the thoughts “Either it was very helpless, or it is perfect, and he just has no complaints,” – quotes the actress People.

When Kudrow did get the role, for a long time she felt that she was not at ease. The director, on the other hand, noticed this fact and was going to fire Kudrow, but for some reason he did not.

“He kept asking – why are they friends with her? We have to understand this, she does not suit us at all,” she recalled Burroughs’ words.

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