LinkedIn has added an interview rehearsal tool. AI finds weaknesses and gives advice

LinkedIn Recruiting Social Network has added a tool for rehearsing user interviews with a built-in artificial intelligence system. About it writes VentureBeat.

Using the tool, users can record their own rehearsal of the interview on video, answering the most common questions during this process, and upload it to LinkedIn. Artificial intelligence will analyze the answers, parasitic words, speech, and behavior of the applicant and give him some advice.

LinkedIn interface

The technology is borrowed from PowerPoint, where there is a feature Presenter Coach – it helps a person to choose the right pace of speech, tone, and control attention.

In the future, the company also plans to provide a video presentation service on the social network, with the help of which recruiters can evaluate the quality of speech and thinking of a person even before the official first interview. The timing of the launch of this project has not yet been disclosed.

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